Ritaniemenkatu 10, Mukkula

Private room 365 € per month

We’re fully booked for spring 2022.

A private room in a shared apartment for two or three people. The room is furnished and spacious.

The apartment has been renovated in 2020 and is in good condition. The apartment is located in a nice area with good connections, only 10 minutes by bus to the city center and a 10 minute walk to Lahti campus in Mukkula. The nearest bus stop is 50 meters away. Distance to the grocery store is 500 meters. There’s a beach 200 meters from the apartment and nice routes for outdoor activities.

There are kitchen, toilet, bathroom and a balcony for shared use. There’s a dishwasher in the kitchen together with tableware and cutlery. There’s a free laundry room in the building.

The amenities in the room include a desk, a closet and a bed. There’s a mattress, a blanket and a pillow in the bed.

The size of the apartment is either 55 m² or 44 m² (two rooms) or 61 m² (three rooms). The rent is 365 € per month. The rent includes a Wi-Fi connection. Payment for water is 25 € per month and for electricity 10 € per month. Deposit is 365 €.

Pictures (below) of a similar apartment. Apply for a room by filling the application form.

Property (shared):55 m² or 61 m²
Rent:365 € per month
Smoking:not allowed
Wi-Fi connection:included
Electricity:10 € per month (1.1.2022)
Water:25 € per month

We’re fully booked for spring 2022.

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